Swedish Massage

This gentle and soothing massage can help relieve muscle and joint pain. Tension is eased out of muscles leaving you feeling wonderfully relaxed.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is great for relieving chronic aches and pains. Deeper massage techniques are used to work on areas of stress and tension.

Sports Massage

This deep tissue treatment combines massage and stretching to help prepare the body for and after sport.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are great for relaxation. Bassalt stones are used as tools to heat and relax the muscles. A great treat for everyone.

Medical Acupuncture

Western medical acupuncture uses dry needling techniques on specific muslce groups to ease tension. A great treatment for chronic muscle pain.


Swedish Massage
30 mins£20
1 Hour£28
Deep Tissue*
30 mins£25
1 Hour£40
Sports Massage*
30 mins£25
1 Hour£40
Hot Stones
30 mins£20
1 Hour£35
Medical Acupuncture £25
*First Deep Tissue/Sports treatment requires 15 minute consultation - £30
*20% Off all treatments to customers ages 65+